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In today's market -AUCTION- is the only way for your property to standout in front of the 1,000,000+ homes on the market! 

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Why Auction
Auction Sells Realty, LLC

When you state a "Price" for your property before the Auction, you set the ceiling.

With an Auction, the Sky is the limit. Someone may see more value in your property!

People go to an Auction to Buy,

Not to be Sold.

A. With an Auction, You set the Sales Date.
B. Auction gets Real Market Value.
C. One or Two Home Showings and Not having to be ready for     6-9 months for ANYONE to walk through your house.
D. The Bidders or Buyers are Ready to Buy!
E. Sell with no Subject Too.........
F. Start to Finish is Normally 45 - 60 Days!
    Listing to CLOSING Normally 45-60 Days!
G. Auctions are not for depressed sellers.
H. Country Music Stars Sell there LARGE Homes by Auction!

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